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Online recruitment and sifting determine the quality of candidates that will be made available to your organisation, however, the approach you use will also play an important part in attracting the people that you want and impressing all the applicants that you process.

The total candidate experience therefore needs to reflect the vision and the values that you are trying to achieve whilst also being cost-effective and usable for candidates and decision-makers.

taranis-PHI will work for you to specify, source and integrate an overall recruitment and sifting solution from product suppliers, whether of psychometric tests or applicant tracking systems or other human resource information systems.


taranis-PHI will also work with you to develop customised parts of the online experience and assessment methods based on business simulations relevant to your business.

As part of the delivery of the overall recruitment and sifting solution taranis-PHI will ensure that you obtain the management information and the metrics to keep you in charge of the process to measure its effectiveness and its cost.