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Measure your Human Capital

Service Description - Audit of Assessment Processes & Systems

Do you understand the contribution your people are making to achieving your corporate mission? Can you quantify what you need to achieve in your talent supply chain to meet your organization's key performance indicators? Can you link human potential and performance to your organizations balance sheet and future forecasts?

If you are already using assessment to select and develop your human capital then you may already be in a position where you can address the questions above.

taranis-PHI can help you to understand and to apply human capital measurement making use of a combined competency and engagement match approach where the drivers are based on your business mission goals and values.

human capital audit

As part of this process taranis-PHI will audit the approach you are taking to assessment for compliance with the new International Standard (ISO 10667 Assessment service delivery) and will specifically validate the assessments you are using against performance and engagement criteria important to your business.